Books from the classic Choose Your Own Adventure®*
Series, written by Edward Packard and adapted, revised,
and expanded by him for the APP STORE at iTUNES

Publisher: Simon & Schuster, Inc.          Developer: Expanded Apps, Inc.
* Choose Your Own Adventure® is now a registered trademark of Chooseco, LLC, which is not associated in any manner with U-Ventures®, Edward Packard, Simon & Schuster, Inc., or Expanded Apps, Inc. U-Ventures® is a registered trademark of Edward Packard.

Book One: Return to the Cave of Time
There are some strange things about time, and you are about to learn what they are. Walk into the Cave of Time and don't turn back. Keep going. I know it's dark and your hands feel clammy. The passageway you're in is getting so it's about half an inch wider than you are.

But keep going. You are about to see the beginning of time, the end of time, and some wild times in between.

I don't want to say what could happen to you. I just hope you'll know what to do when you need to know it, and have good luck along the way.

Book Two: Through the Black Hole
You're in command of the most advanced spaceship in the galaxy on the wildest mission in history — trying to make it through a black hole. Why? Because beyond it may lie a whole new universe.

Some scientists say it can't be done. They say you'll be compressed into nothingness by tremendous gravity. They say that there are no other universes where humans could survive.

They may be right.

You're counting on their being wrong.

Book Three: The Forbidden Castle
You vowed never to return to the Cave of Time, but you did anyway, and whoosh — You're in England a thousand years ago!

It's a time of kings and knights and witches and magic spells — a dangerous time and place to be. You could be thrown in a dungeon, hung by your heels, or worse, unless you can find the Forbidden Castle!

That won't be easy and it will take awhile, but you can do it. And once you get there, you'll have an astonishing surprise.

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